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Automatically capture UNLIMITED emails from new followers by scanning Twitter profiles in real-time.

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Scan a Twitter profile 24/7 - capture UNLIMITED Emails From New Followers in real time.
Capturing Emails From @Example's Newest Followers
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Scanner enables you to automatically capture emails from new followers of a Twitter profile in real-time.

Unlike our competitors we do not source emails from bios. Our AI software uses a combination of methods, including behavioral analysis, IP address analysis, social network analysis, and content analysis, to accurately identify and filter out bot accounts. This helps to ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of your data.

Each scanner slot can continuously scan new followers of a Twitter profile and capture their emails 24/7.

Our email lists are provided in a CSV file which can be easily imported into your email marketing software or CRM.

Stride can be used to directly divert emails to your newsletter or promotional campaign from your competitors social media followers.