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Find emails of new followers by scanning social media profiles live.
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New Followers: 45
Bots Filtered: 30
Emails Captured: 15
Newest Follower: @username - [email protected]
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12 Emails Found!
Start: 2/23/2023
End: 2/23/2023

How can I use emails from Stride?


Boost ecommerce sales by sending targeted promotions and deals.

Build curated clients and engage them with content and updates.

Increase event attendance and sales via direct invitations and offers.

A unique way to source accurate emails from large Crypto/NFT Projects without being banned on social media.

Create fresh conversions for your Affiliate Programs or CPA Offers.

High-risk industries are unable to advertise on social media platforms.
We fix this problem!

Reach customers for digital services such as SaaS Platforms, Web Hosting, and Minecraft Servers.

Target similar influencers in your niche to build your own personal brand and following.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stride's AI technology scans social media platforms daily to identify new followers and find their email addresses.

Unlike our competitors we do not source emails from bios. Our AI software uses a combination of methods, including behavioral analysis, IP address analysis, social network analysis, and content analysis, to accurately identify and filter out bot accounts. This helps to ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of your data.

Our email lists can be utilized for digital marketing purposes such as email campaigns, newsletters, and:
• Facebook Custom Audience
• Google Customer Match
• Tiktok Custom Audiences
• Twitter Custom Audiences
• LinkedIn Contact Targeting

We recommend following best practices for email marketing and obtaining the appropriate consent before sending any communication.

Yes! We include a range of high quality personal and business leads including emails.

The audit tool instantly generates large email lists from the current followers of a social media page, while the scanner tool captures the email addresses of new followers the moment they start following your targeted profile.

Our AI-powered solution implements advanced monitoring algorithms to analyze social media accounts and extract the email addresses of the newest followers, thereby enabling efficient and relevant email leads.

Our email lists are provided in a CSV file which can be easily imported into your email marketing software or CRM.

Stride can be used to directly divert emails to your newsletter or promotional campaign from your competitors social media followers.

Get in contact with us to get access to our platofrm.

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